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As part of its residential offering, Related Management Company, L.P., as management, offers move-in assistance and personal assistant services as an accommodation to residents of its luxury rental properties. Related Management Company, L.P. will also assist residents in obtaining services from third party vendors.

DEFINITIONS: “Owner” – the owner or landlord of the building.
“Affiliates” – the Manager, Related Companies, L.P., and any subsidiaries or affiliates thereof.
“Manager” – Related Management Company, L.P.
“Client” – the resident of an apartment in a Related Management Company, L.P. luxury rental property.
“Accommodations” – Move-in assistance and personal assistant services.
“Vendor” – independent third party providing personal assistant services to a Client.

The Client acknowledges that the Accommodations provided by the Manager are not required, essential or ancillary services provided by the Owner, but are only arranged as an accommodation and are subject to being changed or cancelled at any time in the Owner’s sole discretion.

The Client understands and acknowledges that there is a service fee for use of the Accommodations, which is being waived by the Manager for a period of one (1) year from the Client’s lease date, as an introductory offer. The Manager retains the right in its sole discretion to extend the service fee waiver period.

The Client should note that the Vendor will charge for requested services provided by the Vendor and the charges will appear as charges from the Vendor on credit card statements. Client understands and agrees that in the case where fees are owed to Vendors for Vendor provided services, neither the Owner, nor the Manager nor the Affiliates are parties to the agreement between the Client and the Vendor, and therefore they have no responsibility for the payment of the fees associated with the Vendor provided services. A cancellation policy by the Vendor, with associated fees may be in effect for any services arranged or reservations secured. The Client is responsible for contacting the Vendor with any questions about their cancellation policy.

In order to arrange move-in assistance, such as the setting up of utility service for the apartment, the Manager may request personal information such as credit card information, social security number and/or date of birth as needed to fulfill certain requests as directed by the Client. Manager will take care to handle this information securely and will not store this information. Manager will discard this information according to the PCI Security Standards Council best practices.

The Manager’s sole responsibility in connection with the Vendor provided services is to facilitate the contact with the Vendor and although Manager has made reasonable efforts to research the Vendors, Manager does not make any representations as to the quality of services provided by the Vendor. Manager does not require the Client to utilize a recommended Vendor.

Client hereby expressly waives any and all claims for damages (including for personal injury, death, property damage and identity theft), costs, charges, expenses or any other liability against the Owner, the Manager and the Affiliates and their respective officers, directors, members, employees and agents in connection with the services provided by the Vendors and the Manager’s facilitation thereof.

This agreement is signed on behalf of all occupants in the unit during the Client’s lease.


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